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Is your garage filled with a lot of clutter? Are you finding it difficult to clear out the mess in your garage that has been piling up for many years now? Don’t worry, the below-mentioned are a few simple steps to ensure your garage space looks well-maintained throughout the year.

  1. Remove everything from the garage and prepare your supplies

Choose a day of your comfort and take out everything from the garage and place it on your driveway or yard. A tip, tackle one corner of the garage at a time. Once every item in the garage is out, it gives you a clear idea of what items you want to keep and what you want to discard. After that, you can move on to cleaning the space by getting ready a bucket, cleaning spray and towels, including garage bags to clean out the mess that has built up over time. Hose off or wipe down anything dirty or dusty.

  1. Find innovative storage solutions that suit your garage cleaning needs

Based on what is present in your garage and what you wish to store, you will be in a dilemma. You may choose to save everything in your garage, and you might items in various sizes and shapes such as chainsaws, weed trimmers, or even sports equipment that can pose a challenge when it comes to decluttering and cleaning the garage. Find ingenious ways to store items in your garage that not only makes it easy to maintain but also clean and prevent any damage to the garage in the future.

  1. Discard excess items

The first and most important step to ensure a clean garage throughout the year is to get rid of unnecessary stuff. Identify items that you do not use at all or you do not recognize and get rid of them. A general thumb rule is, that if you haven’t used that item in over a year, you should get rid of it. You can donate them as well or even recycle them and play an important role in safeguarding the environment.

  1. Create a sustainable plan that is organized

To prevent any cluttering from ever happening again in your garage, you must prepare efficiently and effectively. Organize items in your garage based on seasons. For example, all holiday decorations can be organized together making it easier at the time of the year. Additionally, you can also certain hazardous items together in your garage to keep them away from your children or pets. Campin gear can be arranged together as well. Once you are organized, cleaning your garage makes it easier.

  1. Do not ignore the garage floor

The part of the garage that is more likely to get dirty quick and often is the floor. Coating your garage floor with epoxy is a great alternative to prevent spills from staining your floor and when it comes to cleaning up, it is less stressful.

Assured building maintenance has a wealth of experience in offering clients top-of-the-line garage cleaning services that are guaranteed to meet your expectations. Contact our team today for further information or to schedule an appointment.

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