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Post Construction Cleaning Services for Mississauga Area

Assured Building Maintenance also offers post construction cleaning services for Mississauga and the surrounding areas. We deal directly with general contractors, property managers, and building owners to implement final phase post construction cleaning.

General contractors understand that there sub trades are best utilized in the areas of there specialty. Why have your general labourer or drywall person attempt to do a detail post construction cleaning up of your facility after construction? Its much more cost effective to let Assured Building Maintenance bring in and manage a cleaning crew who is trained in detailed cleaning to oversee this process. Allow your clients to not only notice your craftsmanship in construction but also your attention to detail when you leave the jobsite organized and thoroughly cleaned.

We use special vacuums with hepa filters to trap the finest construction dust and debris to avoid redistributing it into the air. From starting your post construction cleaning from the highest and furthest point in the building to cleaning of the floors as the last duty on the post construction cleaning checklist, our knowledge of something as simple as this can help meet strict construction deadlines. Allow us to quickly and efficiently draft a proper cleaning plan and checklist and show how our professionalism can allow your work to be noticed

Things to consider when selecting the right construction cleaning company

Almost all facilities from offices to retail store clients that we’ve served over the years have had to do some type of construction or minor renovation over the years. Even minor drywall work can distribute allot of dust throughout the facility. Whether your floors need a deep scrub with some of our high powered floor cleaning equipment or you need a crew to do a thorough cleaning in your office from top to bottom after your renovations, we have the right personnel and equipment to get the job done right.

Drywall dust is fine particulate dust that has to be cleaned correctly starting from the highest point of the room, with the floors being cleaned the last. Should you need us to do a rough clean-up, i.e., help to throw out scrap wood, sweep floors, and provide a dumpster we have the manpower to accomplish this.

Assured Building Maintenance is a distributor and dealer of many leading cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment manufacturers too. Let us be your one contact to not only clean and maintain your facility, but supply you the consumables that you need. We carry a wide assortment of paper and dispensers, hand soap and cleaning fluid, garbage bags, garbage and recycling receptacles, as well as vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning machines.

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The Value of Clean

A cleaning service is often looked upon as a business cost or expense. Watch this short video, and it will change your perception. The value of a clean facility can not only increase your bottom line, but can also boost employee morale and productivity. Its one of the smartest investments you can make in your business..

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the last cleaning company you ever hire by providing our clients with exceptional service, trained employees, and a clearly organized process from start to finish. Creating lasting partnerships and solutions for your business is what we work hard for each and everyday. We offer a clean or its free guarantee should you not be completely satisfied with our service and promise to always respond to your questions or concerns in a timely fashion. With well over 1 million square feet cleaned on a daily basis we feel confident we can earn your trust and loyalty. Call us today for your FREE facility cleaning assessment, and a list of references. Allow us to show you the difference Assured Building Maintenance can make in implementing a stress free, organized cleaning program for your business.

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