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Office Cleaning: Employee productivity and customer perception

Is paying for a cleaning service really necessary for your office? It may seem like a budget line that could be eliminated, but upon closer inspection, you may want to think twice.

A clean office is actually good for business. Here are some points to ponder.

Protect your most valuable asset.

Your employees are the engine that keeps your business running. A clean office will not only provide a pleasant and inviting working environment for your staff, but it will help to keep them healthy too.

Did you know the average office workspace is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat? Keyboards are crawling with 16 million microbes that can cause flu, pinkeye, diarrhea and more serious illnesses. These microbes can stick around for a few days or even a few weeks. With all of those germs, you can see how important it is to properly clean these high-touch areas. Unfortunately, only 3% of offices sufficiently clean their equipment. That means that even after the office has been cleaned, many of these germs are still lurking. Sick days are costly to the company, and they disrupt the productivity of your team.

A professional cleaning service will ensure proper procedures are followed, disinfecting your space and keeping your employees safe. For more information on hiring a professional cleaning team, see our blog post.

Don’t give potential customers the flush.

Your restroom speaks volumes to your customers – or potential customers. A 2017 study by restroom fixture manufacturer Bradley Corporation showed that most people (69%) believe a dirty washroom reflects poor management. This lowers their overall opinion of the company (67%) and indicates the business does not care about their customers (63%).

Those are some startling numbers and major assumptions based on the cleanliness of your facilities. Fair or unfair judgment, you don’t want to be on the unfavourable side. Your washrooms should be sparkling and fresh, cleaned with appropriate tools and products, following set standards. Trust our team to keep you looking (and smelling!) your best.

A bright, welcoming space.

Consider the environment you’re most comfortable in. Is it cluttered and grimy? Or is it streamlined and sparkling? Your employees and your clients will appreciate and possibly demand that you’re detail-oriented in your cleaning practices.

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, people are much more aware of personal hygiene and spaces that could pose a threat to their health. Cleanliness is, now more than ever, next to Godliness.

Our office cleaning services will put your mind at ease. You can trust our team to ensure your office meets the approval of the toughest critic. Consider your cleaning needs and contact our team today.

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