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The Ultimate Guide: Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

In any type of business, it’s important to maintain a clean space for both the health and safety of your employees as well as that of your patrons. However, in the restaurant industry, cleanliness is of critical importance. After all, an unclean workspace could cause your employees to become sick or even result in your business to being shut down by the local health unit.

Restaurant cleaning services have detailed procedures they should be following. If you are considering hiring a commercial restaurant cleaning service, you’ll want to have the following checklist handy to ensure they are following protocols in order to keep your restaurant clean and safe for everyone.

Maintain Organization

Being organized is key to maintaining a clean restaurant. You should have a detailed schedule that outlines who needs to do what task and when.

Some duties will be performed by your staff throughout their shifts and other duties, should be completed by a professional restaurant cleaning service. The company you hire should include details in their contract outlining exactly what duties they will be responsible for.

Sanitize Work Surfaces

It is extremely important that all food prep work surfaces be sanitized on a regular basis to avoid cross-contamination. Additionally, appliances like stoves, fryers, and ovens should all be on a regular cleaning schedule.

Be Proactive Against Infestations

One of the worst problems a restaurant owner may have to deal with is vermin such as rats or roaches. These critters can be drawn to restaurants for the same reason patrons are – the food! Having pests like this can be extremely  dangerous since these creatures and their droppings can carry bacteria and parasites that can cause severe illness and even death.

It is critical, therefore, for restaurant owners to take the necessary precautions to prevent such infestations as much as possible. This can be done by keeping outdoor spaces clean and free of clutter, ensuring proper food storage and recognizing early signs of infestation and taking immediate action.

The most proactive restaurateurs employ the services of an exterminator on a monthly or quarterly basis as a preventative measure.

Focus on the Details

Cleaning a restaurant can be one of the least enjoyable parts of working in one. With so many spots that require cleaning on a regular basis, it can be easy to overlook some areas if one is not careful. It is important, therefore, to have a detailed cleaning schedule that covers not only the obvious locations but also the often unnoticed areas that might be harder to see or reach.

Hire a Janitorial Restaurant Cleaning Service

If you run a successful restaurant it will keep you busy preparing food and serving customers. Ensuring all the items on this list are completed may  seem impossible. By hiring a restaurant cleaning service, you will not only help take some of the load off of your employees, but it will also help to ensure that your restaurant stays clean and safe.

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