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Condo Cleaning Services Toronto

If you manage a condo or multi-tenant building in Toronto, you understand how important it is to ensure that common areas are kept clean and sanitary. You may have a great location and wonderful building, but prospective condo buyers will be turned off if they come to look at a condo and are met with dirty common areas, stained carpeting, and sticky elevator buttons.

Additionally, for the residents of your building to stay safe, healthy, and happy with the state of the property, regular cleanings are a must! 

Assured Janitorial has years of experience providing condo and multi-tenant building cleaning services in Toronto. Our staff is very respectful and will work quickly and quietly so as not to disturb your residents, all the while providing high quality service and performing a thorough job. 

Why Hire Condo Cleaning Services in Toronto

Toronto condo owners and tenants pay good money to live in your building and have come to expect a high standard of cleanliness. Furthermore, when a condo goes up for sale, prospective buyers want to invest in a property where common areas are clean and well maintained. 

When you contract Assured Janitorial for your multi-tenant building cleaning services in Toronto, we perform a wide variety of tasks such as sanitizing high touch points like doors and elevator buttons, carpet cleaning, and common area cleaning. 

We will work on a schedule that suits you and customize our cleaning package to meet the needs of your building. If your building has amenities such as party rooms or workout facilities, we can offer our cleaning services there as well! 

Direst Areas in Multi-Tenant Building Common Areas

  • Door handles and intercom buzzers
  • Elevator buttons
  • Carpeting near entryways (especially in winter!)

Why Choose Assured Janitorial for your Condo and Multi-Tenant Building Cleaning Services in Toronto

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in cleaning condos and multi-tenant buildings. 
  • Our staff is fully trained and insured. 
  • We can customize our services to meet your needs. 

Book Your First Service Condo Cleaning Service in Toronto with Us Today and Receive this Exciting Offer

We are grateful for the trust that our customers have put in us over the years. So as a thank you, when you choose us as your trusted cleaning, you will receive a FREE, no-obligation high touch point cleaning assessment and plan for your facility.

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The Value of Clean

A cleaning service is often looked upon as a business cost or expense. Watch this short video, and it will change your perception. The value of a clean facility can not only increase your bottom line, but can also boost employee morale and productivity. Its one of the smartest investments you can make in your business..

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the last cleaning company you ever hire by providing our clients with exceptional service, trained employees, and a clearly organized process from start to finish. Creating lasting partnerships and solutions for your business is what we work hard for each and everyday. We offer a clean or its free guarantee should you not be completely satisfied with our service and promise to always respond to your questions or concerns in a timely fashion. With well over 1 million square feet cleaned on a daily basis we feel confident we can earn your trust and loyalty. Call us today for your FREE facility cleaning assessment, and a list of references. Allow us to show you the difference Assured Building Maintenance can make in implementing a stress free, organized cleaning program for your business.

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Condo Cleaning Services Toronto

Assured Building Maintenance offers a wide range of services to condo owners and residents. From regular cleaning and maintenance to emergency services, we have the experience and expertise to keep your condo looking its best. We understand the unique challenges that condo living presents, and our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible. Whether you need assistance with laundry, dishes, or general tidying up, we are here to help. Our condo cleaning services are affordable and convenient, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee so that you can be confident in our work. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.


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